Monday, August 15, 2011


Many of you have probably heard of Stonyfield Yogurt but do you really know all of their products? Stonyfield is an organic and delicious product. My favorite product that they make has to be the YoBaby yogurt. My 14 month old son eats one of these yogurts everyday at lunch. He has yet to try a flavor he does not like and they have several. You can get the YoBaby original yogurt and that comes in plain, banana, vanilla, peach and blueberry. They also have a YoBaby yogurt called YoBaby Meals. There are only three flavors but each one has a vegetable and a fruit in the yogurt. The flavors are apple & sweet potato, pear & green beans, and peach & squash. Finally in the YoBaby line are the YoBaby drinkables. These come in banana and peach and your baby can drink them right out of their sippy cup. There are also YoToddler yogurts as well as YoKids yogurts.

Stonyfield Yogurt can be found in pretty much any major grocery store. I buy mine from my local Shop Rite and A&P. Another nice thing about Stonyfield is their Stonyfield Rewards program. You can enter codes from their products to then redeem for rewards. You can find out more at
I was sent coupons to try this product with my moms group from Moms Meet. If you have a local moms group that you are the leader of or even just a member you should check out and become a Mom Ambassador today.

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