Monday, March 5, 2012

February Cravebox

The February Cravebox was called the Make-A-Date Cravebox. Now I am not really sure how all of the products in this month's box went with that theme but I didn't care because I love the products I got.
The box started with two think Thin bars. These were perfect for me since I have been on a diet since January. Any nutrition bar is a friend of mine right now. They sent to flavors. One was a creamy peanut butter bar and the other one was a chocolate nut bar. I love peanut butter so this bar was perfect for me. The second item in the box was EBoost. This was probably my least favorite product just because I am not really one to drink these vitamin energy booster supplements. My husband loves them however and said these tasted pretty good. One of my favorite products in the box were the two Amore Pacific product. We were sent a face wash as well as a face spritzer. I love them both! Even though they are pretty expensive products I love how my skin feels after using them and may have to buy more in the future. This is a product I had never heard of and if it weren't for Cravebox I probably never would have tried it. The fourth product was the Downy Wrinkle Releaser. I love this product. I brought it to work with me and within four days it was gone. Everyone in my office was trying it and were amazed at how well it took the wrinkles out of our clothes. Last but not least was my favorite item in the box. There were six BiC Mark-it permanent markers. As a teacher little things like markers make me happy. I also brought these to school and gave one to a few fellow teachers. Everyone loves them. They are great markers and I loved the Valentine's Day colors they sent me.
Cravebox is still in the Beta phase but I think it is here to stay. I love that for $10 a month I get a box filled with awesome full sized products. Cravebox is offered through She Speaks and would be worth your time to check it out. There is currently a wait list to be a part of Cravebox but it has been such a wonderful experience and I would say would be worth the wait.

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